Quadrant M4 free crack 2022 torrent

Quadrant M4 free crack 2022

Quadrant M4 free crack 2022


Quadrant M4 Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Quadrant M4 Is a action game.

Quadrant M4 Free Download


Game Overview



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Publisher: N/A

Release Date: 7/13/2022

Genre: , Action, Adventure, Strategy, Casual, Simulation


A conglomeration of galactic empires have completed domination of the Milky Way and the Human Quadrant 4 was the last to fall. Implanted with cybernetic controls, all are now under complete control, all but you. The Sarkad and Onton empires have moved from the final forward base used to enslave mankind leaving their primary forward research facility exposed. Having avoided assimilation, you have broken in to the research center and stolen the Sar-On BattleStar prototype. A swift series of actions can disable the near by worm holes and strand the Sarkad and Onton Fleets in Andromeda where the first major war of their new expansion is being fought. Time is short.

Quadrant M4 Free Download

Quadrant M4 Free Download

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Quadrant M4 download torrent


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